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KY Forward
Mike Denham: The Sky is the Limit – Literally; Aerospace, Aviation Industries are Booming
Oct 06, 2015
A state representative in Kentucky highlights the importance of the aviation industry in the state. The business aviation industry is booming, bringing manufacturing, jobs and economic benefits to Kentucky.

The Telegram
Bay Path Will Offer Aviation Studies Course
Oct 05, 2015
A new program in Massachusetts teaches high school students about aviation science to inspire them to pursue careers in aviation. Business aviation offers great career opportunities, with the demand for pilots and technicians expected to exceed 1 million by 2034. 

Boulder Daily Camera
General Aviation Lifts Small Business in Colorado
Oct 03, 2015
Colorado small-business-owner Stephen Brague discusses how business aviation helps his construction business be more productive and gives access to rural airports not served by airlines.  Business aviation is a lifeline to rural communities, providing local jobs and bringing new business.

Central Maine
Waterville Airport Sets Sights High After Big Investments
Oct 03, 2015
Business aviation at the Waterville airport has become an economic driver, bringing growth and investment to the region. General aviation, including business aviation, contributes approximately $330 million to Maine’s economy annually.

Oakland Press
Officials Hope to Attract Business Aviation to Oakland County International Airport
Oct 02, 2015
Oakland County Airport looks to attract more business flyers by showcasing business aviation’s many benefits: saving time, easing international travel, and access to more communities. Business aviation at the airport has a $175 million economic impact on the surrounding county.

Business Aviation:
Jobs, Productivity and Keeping America Connected

Millions of Highly-Skilled Jobs (more)
According to numerous studies, business aviation supports 1.2 million stable, high-wage jobs.

Lifeline for America's Small and Medium-Sized Cities and Towns (more)
There are more than 5,000 public use airports in the U.S. and approximately 500 have commercial airline service.  Business aviation is a lifeline for thousands of communities.

Productivity Gains for American Businesses (more)
The vast majority of companies who rely on business aviation are small and medium size companies.  See profiles on how companies are using business aviation to compete and succeed in a very demanding marketplace. And companies that use aviation outperform those which do not.

A Life Saver for People in Need (more)
Through volunteer organizations like Angel Flight and the Air Care Alliance, companies and pilots regularly contribute life-saving services to our communities.

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Featured Story

New Study: On an International Scale, Business Aviation Creates Value 

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) today welcomed a new study showing that companies based around the world are increasingly turning to business aviation for the same reasons as American companies, and are reaping the similar productivity and competitive benefits. The study, titled "Business Aviation and the World’s Top Performing Companies" is the fifth in the Business Aviation Users study series to be completed by NEXA Advisors, LLC. Earlier studies in the series focused on business aviation use by large companies, small and mid-size organizations, government organizations and companies enduring the challenges of the Great Recession.

Read the full article here.

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